My Blogging Anniversary

Today is a whole year since my first post on 22nd March 2012.

I felt that it ought to be marked in some way.

Now some people have a special giveaway but since I have just had one of those, I thought maybe I should do something slightly different.

I thought of a giveaway where I made a small item for everyone who entered, as in a way it always seems a shame to have to chose just one person to win, but as I have over one hundred followers and quite a large number entered my last giveaway, I thought that that might have proved too big a liability.

So I thought that maybe I could offer to make a bookmark for the ten people who have commented most frequently on my blog.

Well I discovered that WordPress only tell me the ‘top seven recent commentators’ and that includes me, so I am going to choose those six people.

If you are one of the top six people who have commented (names below) over this last year, if you would like, I am prepared to make you one of my crochet cotton bookmarks in a colour of your choice.

Since I want to make more small items in crochet cotton, you can choose any colour, even ones I don’t have at present, as that will give me an excuse to buy more colours. 🙂

You can also choose either #20 (fine) or #10 (slightly thicker) cotton.


The red bookmark is made in #20 and the variegated cream one in #10.


the one at the bottom on the left is the one made in #10 here.

It is worth noting that the ‘pineapple’ bookmark is naturally bigger than the ‘fan’ one.

I am also prepared to include any of the ‘cross’ bookmarks as seen here hanging from the branches of my Easter Tree.


More details of the cross bookmarks on Monday.

The six most frequent recent commenters on my blog have been:-

(They all have great blogs of their own!)

If you are one of the six people listed and you would like a bookmark just leave a comment below telling me which bookmark you would like and what colour you would like and whether you want it in the #20 or #10 cotton. When I have made it I will be in touch for a postal address.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

I am really enjoying using crochet cotton to make things as it doesn’t catch like the acrylic yarn or the DK cotton yarn I have been using. However I can only see me making small items as I cannot imagine that I would have the dedication to say spend eighteen months making a lace bedcover like my mother did for me.

Here it is pictured drapped over my current single bed.

And I think the eighteen months was for the single bed size one, not including the time it took to enlarge it to fit a five foot bed. 🙂

32 thoughts on “My Blogging Anniversary

  1. You are too generous! However, since I already have TWO of your amazing bookmarks, I wouldn’t dream of depriving someone else of the opportunity to have one 🙂 Can you go to the 7th most frequent visitor to your blog?
    And congratulations, too. I was chuffed with myself when I realised I’d kept going for a whole year, so I know it does feel like an achievement. And because you’ve been so organised with your monthly montages (unlike me), you can go back and see just how much you’ve accomplished! Well done, and thank you for all the inspiration over the last year. I love the tree, am so keen to get something similar going myself.


    1. You wouldn’t be depriving anyone, so don’t let that put you off. And you could always give it away at a present if you have enough! 🙂 WordPress only tell me the people I listed and I don’t know any other way of finding out.
      Thanks for the congratulations and I can definitely see you with a ‘tree’ of some sort. Like your lamp shade?


  2. Congrats Jane!!! WOW, I thought you had been blogging MUCH longer that I had. I and lots of others love your blog and the beautiful things you create…thank you!

    WOOOOHOOO I am soooooo happy to be in your Top SIX thank you thank you thank you – I love the RED in #10 please!!

    The bedspread is staggeringly awesome…wow


  3. Happy Blog versary to you! I love your Mum’s crochet bedspread. I’d like to start more intricate items but am struggling to find a supplier of crochet cotton, where have you managed to source it from please?


    1. There are a couple of shops in Winchester that sell some. Depends what you want in terms of thickness and colours and quality. But on-line I bought the first two balls of #20 in white and pastel rainbow colours from Better choice of colours but of course postage seems a lot if you are only buying a ball or two. I have bought other yarn from them too and had no problems.


  4. Happy one year anniversary! Your crochet bookmarks are amazing! I also crochet a little, but never can get anything very symmetrical 😉 (I once made a scarf with one end wider than the other). Have a good one!


    1. I have always found that keeping the tension even with knitting or crochet is the hardest bit. But it does get better with practice. And actually when my mother extended my bedcover, the new bits weren’t exactly the same tension as the earlier part but it was quite good in a way because you could put the looser part over the pillows and then the edge was fairly even round the bed!


  5. Wow, congratulations on your one year! I saw Maryanne’s comment and agree – it seems like you’ve been blogging for far longer than a year! And I love your giveaway idea (especially as I’m on the list 😉 ) Thank you for your generosity and for all your lovely work you share with us. I’d love a pineapple bookmark in cream please 🙂 My email address is
    And your bedcover deserves a massive WOW – it’s amazing! Your Mum must’ve been so patient to make that and it’s just beautiful!


  6. WOW!!! I am honored Jane, well I like the #20 thread in red and the cross bookmark on the left, thanks!!! P.S that lace bedcover is a gem after my tablecloth maybe I want a bedcover 🙂


  7. You are so generous, and I LOVE Your blog! Its such a long way to post something to New Zealand, so how about we do a swap… you send me a fan bookmark and Ill send you something of mine? Lots of Love Janette xxxxxxx


    1. I would be honoured to receive something of yours but it is not necessary and the postage should not be too bad for a bookmark as it will be no more than a letter.

      You don’t say what colour or weight you like. Personally I think the #20 thread is better for thickness but #10 makes it bigger.


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