CAL 85-86 Feeling discouraged!

Only two blocks this week.

Square No. 85


Square No. 86


This is because I was looking forward to making the next few blocks and I enjoyed making these two and was pleased with them until I measured them.

Comparing them with the other blocks I realised that I am making my trebles tighter than I used to do – probably a result of trying to make some of the earlier blocks that seemed liable to come out too big!

So this put me off attempting the next block and left me with
a dilema.

Do I?

  • Redo the blocks trying to make the trebles looser.
  • Redo the blocks using a larger hook.
  • Cheat a little, and work another row or two round the edge.
  • Put the blocks on one side and hope they stretch when I put them in the final blanket.

What do you think?


16 thoughts on “CAL 85-86 Feeling discouraged!

  1. number 4. Leave them to one side until you have all the blocks you want, then if you need to add an extra row here or there, it will be easy and relatively painless. If you redo any now, it could just be wasted time. Time that you could otherwise be spending on crocheting eggs…?


    1. Thanks for saying that! šŸ™‚ Sometimes I’ve felt the size difference was down to Jan Eaton’s patterns but this time it seemed to be my fault that it was smaller, so I felt sort of guilty for thinking of letting it go and just making up the size with extra rows.


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