CAL 82-84 Different shapes and sizes!


As you can see the blocks this week have come out all different shapes and sizes. If you hadn’t realised, I photograph each of my blocks on the same piece of card marked with a six inch pencil square.

They were all relatively quick to make and in fact for the first time I made all three within twenty four hours (except for the end finishing which I left till later.)

Square No. 82


I did pause for a moment before I made this square and wondered if I should use a 3.5mm hook but some instinct told me that if I used the normal 4mm hook and made the trebles firmly, I would be okay. So it was with the width but the height is for some reason much less than the width. I think it will stretch to a better shape, though, when joined into the blanket.

I like the look of the four mesh panels and I enjoyed making it.

Square No. 83


The holes in this one are maybe a bit big for a blanket but I think it is pretty and I chose colours similar to those in the book and was happy with how it turned out.

Except for the fact that it seems to be on the small side! It also needed stretching to lay flat. But even so it will have to stretch a lot to get up to ‘normal’ size and seeing how many rows it has I am not surprised. I may add an extra row round the edge but haven’t decided yet.

I don’t know if I was wrong, but I definitely felt with one of the rows that the instructions left out a bit, but since the pattern was clear I just did it the way it looked.

Square No. 84


This was not so interesting and came out the funny skewed diamond shape that these diagonal increase or decrease ones do. However I chose the colours so that I used all my colour range this week and was more pleased with how it turned out than I expected. I think the orange adds that extra bit of interest to an otherwise boring square., at least the rows of trebles hastened the making.

*     *     *     *     *

Looking ahead, I think that all the blocks to no. 100 look interesting, except for no. 90 – ‘Bright Triangles’.


6 thoughts on “CAL 82-84 Different shapes and sizes!

  1. 82 is the spider stitch – I discovered it last week and started a spider shrug – it’s wonderful! I love it in your square. I’m going to go get that shrug out right now…it’s under a pile of something else already 🙂


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