Blue bed socks

Before we get on to the bed socks – here is what greeted me out of the bedroom window when I got up this morning. And although you can’t see it, the snow was still falling but very finely.


Definitely bed sock weather! But now for my tale.

Maybe as much as ten years ago, or even more,  a friend gave me a pair of bed socks. I have always suffered with cold feet, so have always needed bed socks for at least some nights in the winter and these replaced some my mother had knitted me years before that were past their best. But this winter when I went to look for them, all I could find was one sock.0125-bedsock

So I have been wearing this sock plus an old slipper sock with a hole in!

But a few weeks ago I suddenly had a bright idea and I looked to see if I could get some of the really short circular needles in a size suitable for DK yarn and was pleased to find that I could. So I bought some.

New balloon and basketWhen I devised the pattern for the Balloon mobile for one of my ‘Crafty Coffee’ friends, I had bought a ball of variegated blue yarn to make a sample balloon but that still left me with almost 100gm of DK yarn.

I realised that this ought to be enough to make a pair of bed socks.

At first I looked for bed sock patterns but the only one I found that I almost liked was one by Jennifer A. Meyers but in the end I used her basic texture pattern and suggestion for how many stitches were needed but otherwise used the basic toe-up sock pattern I had used before.

I had thought to try a toe-up pattern that didn’t need wraps but got in a muddle with it. Maybe another time?

This texture was very easy to knit as it was K2P2 for the first two rows and just Knit for the next two. It had the added advantage over just using stocking stitch that it made it easy to count the rows and thus make both socks the same.

I decided to put in a twisted cord to tie round the ankle and a picot edge and thus I made these:-


I may end up shortening the cords but I decided that it was better to start with them longer rather than shorter.

Now I had thought that these might have made a second entry for the ‘Monthly Challenge’ but Maryanne expressed a desire for some ‘Easter’ entries, so I am going to see if I can make some crochet Easter Eggs and with an eye to displaying them I decided to buy a ‘tree’ from John Lewis.

I would have preferred to use a real branch but since I had not had much luck in finding anything useful at Christmas time to use with my snowflakes, I decided that if I didn’t buy something I might wait for ever. So here it is with some snowflakes for now.


13 thoughts on “Blue bed socks

  1. Your socks are very cute – I also get coldy cold feet in winter and have to wear extra layers, pity there’s nothing sexier on the market! Your snowflakes look perfect as you’ve displayed them, but Im looking forward to seeing crocheted eggs! I have some polystyrene egg shapes and haven’t known what to do with them, so maybe you can become the Crocheted Egg Pattern Go-To person 🙂


  2. Those are lovely. I get cold feet pretty much year round, but I cannot sleep in socks. I really love the snowflake tree. I would love to have a tree like that to decorate for all seasons.


    1. Actually I don’t normally ‘sleep’ in the socks. Mostly, it is enough to put them on when I go to bed and then (I read a book for a bit) when I am ready to go to sleep the bed has warmed up and I can take them off.


  3. I’m really a quilter but my quilting biddies all knit and bought me a sock kit for my birthday. I had a go and love them, they are so warm and comfy. Well done you, you’ll need more than one pair though!


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