CAL 79-81 Beautiful blue!


Although I am a rainbow junkie, I still have a favorite colour and that is blue.

Blue seemed to be the right colour for the first two blocks and I decided to continue with blue for the last one.

All three were relatively quick to make.

Square No. 79


I liked the look of this square but as almost all the rows were the same it did get a bit monotonous.

Square No. 80


All the rows here were the same as well but they were somehow more interesting rows.

After previous experiences with squares like this: worked row after row with trebles (US dc), I wondered what to do to make sure it was not too wide. Since there was no way I could alter the pattern, I chose to use a 3.5 hook and as you can see the square is still a little wider than some but not exceptionally so.

I don’t know why I have this problem but I can only imagine that I must make my double crochets much tighter than my trebles.

Square No. 81


I really like this square: both making it and the final look. Of course I had to use the yellow and green to make it into a flower.

I know it’s the wrong number of petals but the middle reminded me of forget-me-nots.



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