CAL 76-78 All the colours!


Recently I feel that I have been using a limited palette for each weeks offering but this week having chosen four of my colours for the first square, I decided that I would use the remaining five colours for the next one. Since the last one was called “Briar Rose” I decided that I would colour it accordingly.

Square No. 76


This was essentially one of the quickest and easiest squares to make however, after square no. 75, I wondered whether to use a 4mm or 3.5mm hook. In the end I decided to use the 4mm hook and see what happened. After four of the treble rows, I measured it and found that it was over six inches, so I thought for a moment, checked how many stitches wide the all dc squares were (28) and the repeat of this pattern and decided to simply remove three chain from the start and thus one triple treble group from the width.

This produced a square (well again more of a rectangle) that was about standard width but maybe a tiny bit shorter than some.

It is interesting to note that the picture of square no. 75 doesn’t even attempt to pretend that it is square and when measured reveals itself clearly as a rectangle and even the picture of this square, though looking squarer, is still shorter than it is wide.

Square No. 77


Another of those: start at the outside and decrease down the diagonal squares, that are more of a wonky diamond when completed. What can one say?

Square No. 78


I liked this one. Easy to do – my briar rose in the hedgerow square!


I notice that we have quite a few potentially ‘flower’ squares in the next few weeks.


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