February Montage

Only three weeks of the CAL showing in this month as the squares for the last week are a bit delayed because of this post.

During February I also opened and closed my ‘100 Follower’ giveaway, tried out some ideas for the future, completed a bit more of my blanket and made a new cafetière cosy, as well as seeing signs of Spring in and out of my garden and sharing a recipe. How was your February?



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Rainbow Junkie

I am a retired mother of three and grandmother of five. I mostly knit and crochet while I watch television. I also love cooking and have dabbled in various other crafty things. I am crazy about: Rainbows, Butterflies, Flowers, Bees, Honey, Hexagons, Snowflakes, Symmetry, Mathematics and Dragons

4 thoughts on “February Montage”

  1. My February was quite crafty especially on the cold snowy days when it was not so good to get out. I have fallen into the habit of stayed up late to ‘make and do’ which I think needs to change in March. It has really caught up with me this month……. Like the montage. 🙂


    1. Glad you liked the montage. When crafting I find myself staying up later than I meant to in order to get to ‘a suitable place to stop’ but sleep is important! At least being retired I can lie in if I stay up too late. 🙂


  2. Lovely work! I think seeing it all side by side really brings home the achievements made this month 🙂 keep it up!


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