CAL 73-75 Trebles, trebles all the way!


These days, I am concentrating more on choosing pleasing colour combinations than trying to think ‘flowers’ all the time, in order to increase the variety in the blanket.

Square No. 73


I think this is a pretty square. Relatively quick to make because of using trebles (UK). I did still use yellow for the middle, so maybe I haven’t totally given up thinking ‘flowers. 🙂

Square No. 74


I wasn’t sure which colour to choose for this one and I don’t know if I have made the best choice. Again it was fairly quick with the trebles (UK) and hence less rows.

I thought that the way you did three rows with loops of chains and then joined them all together on the fourth row was interesting and gave a pretty effect.

As with the previous square, and some others, I like the rows of square holes that come from trebles (UK) with gaps between.

Square No. 75


Although the previous squares had turned out about the normal size, the first time I attempted this, after about four rows I realised that it was over 7″ wide instead of 6″ or below. I don’t know why it is that my double crochets tend to be tighter than Jan Eaton’s but my trebles are naturally much looser.

So I decided the only thing for it was to change to a smaller hook (3.5mm) and make sure I did the stitches firmly.

The square thus formed is about my standard width but it does seem  to be only about 5″ high so I hope it will stretch to fit (as so many squares will have to do) in the final blanket.


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