Signs of Spring

Not far from where I live, the road that is the main entry to Southampton from the north – The Avenue, splits into two separate carriageways and in the middle is an area of grass and trees.


The other day I crossed a little before the crossing and there in the grass I found a little clump of purple crocus and I knew that Spring was on its way.


In my garden too there are crocuses: yellow ones this time.


And a yellow tulip in a ceramic pot.


I was pleased to find more than one snowdrop.


The leucojum have been out for a while.


They are easy to see from the window.

The pulmonaria too is flowering.


And out the front, the daffodils I photographed in the snow


are now beginning to flower.


Yes! Spring is on the way.

What’s growing in your gardens and neighbourhoods?


11 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. I am always amazed at what will happily grow, just yards from traffic pollution. I wonder if anyone has made a study on the impact on flora since the widespread removal of lead from petrol.
    Lovely pictures, they would make good greetings cards!
    james x


  2. I am so pleased to see the first signs of Spring. I have some snowdrops and a one solitary crocus in the garden but there are many more waiting, with their heads above the soil, for the right time to flower. Their green shoots cheer me when iI venture out in the cold to hang out the washing or sort the recycling for collection. I rather neglect the garden at this time of year but it can get on perfectly well without any interference for me. I will check my pulmonaria to see if it is flowering.


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