CAL 70-72 Better late than never!

Due to the giveaway and a very busy and partly stressful week I am only now getting round to report on this weeks blocks.

Square No. 70


This I think of as a shaft of lightning. I suppose that every cottage garden must experience this sometimes during a violent storm. Hopefully just above in the sky and not as striking the earth.  It took me a row or two to work out how to totally hide the yarn where it went from one row to another but it was otherwise just a matter of counting the squares.

Square No. 71


I wasn’t sure if I chose the best colours for this but I like the flower in the middle and with the trebles (UK) for the outer rows it was completed quite quickly.

Square No. 72


I started this in a different colour but then I realised that I would run out before the end so I changed to green. I suppose you could see it as a mowed lawn.  I didn’t try to smooth it out before I photographed it but as the rows only connect with one loop it does have a rather soft fluid finish that I don’t think fits very well with the straight ridges. Not sure how it will look in the finished blanket. What do you think?


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