Trying out some ideas

The last couple of weeks I have allowed myself to try out a few ideas instead of starting on a new serious project to run alongside the CAL and granny ripple blanket.

One of these was to make a dishcloth out of ‘dishcloth cotton’.

I bought some dishcloth cotton a while ago with an eye to using it to experiment with things I might make in cotton and perhaps to actually make a dishcloth.

The first two things I discovered were that it was more expensive that I had expected and that it seemed more aran or chunky thickness that DK.

So it wasn’t going to be much good for experiments but I still thought I could make a dishcloth, which was presumably what it was for. 🙂

A friend told me how she knitted dishcloths but I wanted to try crochet. I tried a couple of crochet patterns I found on the web but wasn’t happy with the results.

Square no. 52But when I made square no. 52 for the CAL, I thought that it might make a good basis for a dishcloth as the pattern was essentially reversible and had what I thought was a good surface.

So I crocheted an eight inch square in the cotton, thought it was a bit boring and added a red border with the cotton left over from my ‘flower cloth’.


So how is it as a dishcloth?

Plus points.

  • Although it is thicker than my normal supermarket cotton dishcloth or J-cloth I soon got used to it.
  • It works well and is good at cleaning up mugs used for tea and plates and casseroles.


  • It doesn’t dry overnight like the thinner cloths.
  • I don’t know how long it will be before it gets stained and disgusting looking and I feel I have to replace it.
  • If I have to replace it too often, it will be a pain having to keep making a new one.
  • I haven’t calculated but I am sure it must work out more expensive that supermarket cloths.

So the jury is out on whether I will be making another one. I might try knitting one as that would be looser and may dry quicker.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

0105-lacebookmarksMy nSocksext idea was to see if I could use a modified version of the fan bookmarks and the yarn left over from my socks to make a scarf.


This was all I was able to make from the yarn left over from one of the socks.

I decided

  • I loved the look.
  • (You can’t see the size but) It would be better made in DK weight yarn as it was a bit too narrow.
  • That I would need to buy yarn for such a project but it wouldn’t be cheap.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

Although I am not even half-way with my granny ripple blanket my mind is already looking forward to what I might make for my next blanket.

I rather fancied trying a ‘sea and sand’ coloured blanket and was on the lookout for a good pattern.

I happened to borrow from the library Jan Eaton’s “200 Ripple Stitch Patterns” and found just one pattern that really excited me and made a photocopy.


I thought that this would be just perfect for a ‘sea and sand’ blanket and, looking through the colours I had available, decided I had enough to make something that would give the general idea.

I thought that I could use a demo square of this pattern as a new cafetière cosy but my first attempt using a 4.5 hook, that is probably what I would use for a blanket, was too wide so I tried again with a 4mm hook and produced this.


I did not find it the easiest pattern and  it was not until the last few rows that I was not having to redo many of the ‘htr3tog’ (UK) two, or even three or four times before I could get them right but I love the look and it is worth the effort.

More about the cosy on Monday!

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

Lastly I thought I would include an update on my granny ripple blanket.

I think you can now see how the colours go, though they are not entirely accurate in the photograph.


9 thoughts on “Trying out some ideas

  1. I feel the same as you about dishcloths , although I have made a few , I haven,t actually used them , they might come in handy sometime but for what I don,t know


  2. i don’t think i could bear to use something i had made for the yucky washing-up! But i think if i was very poorly and had to stay in bed for days i would want to have one of your ripple blankets on me, and that would cheer me up and make me feel better . 🙂


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