CAL 67-69 Pretty, pretty!


These are some of my favorite colours. So not going with the red, white and blue or brown colourway out of the book, I decided to use them this week.

Square No. 67


I was pleased with the way this turned out. I now find these sort of flowers easier than some of the other squares but even so I did manage to make a number of silly mistakes which made me have to undo bits of it. Maybe I was over confident.

Square No. 68


This, like so many of these types of block, is not really square though I expect it will stretch. It is a little bigger than some, but I hope not too much so. I liked my colour choices.

Square No. 69


Not having brown in my colour range, I did not make this a ‘fudge’ square. Instead I used pretty flower colours and really like it. I could imagine making a pretty cloth out of these squares, although I would not enjoy darning in all the ends over and over again!


6 thoughts on “CAL 67-69 Pretty, pretty!

  1. More super blocks! Amazing how different colours make the blocks look so different- your fudge doesn’t look at all like mine, just because of the colours. Aren’t these all going to look wonderful when we have finished them. Message received from Rachel for me to slow down- I explained I am addicted now, so I will slow the posts down instead! Then if I go away again I won’t be lagging behind like last time!


    1. Yes you are right! I liked your idea about having a patch of soil! And re making the blocks. I made six one week so I had some in hand and could concentrate on another project. But except for my ‘catch up’ I try to post the relevant three for the week on the Thursday whenever I made them early or late.


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