100 Follower Giveaway open

I was more prepared for my ‘Fifty Follower’ giveaway, as I had hoped to reach that number, but I never thought I would ever get to one hundred!

So thank you all for your interest and for those of you who comment for those comments; it’s great to meet fellow enthusists.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

The items for this giveaway are these three balls of yarn


and these tiny buttons.

Tiny buttons

As well as this for the winner I will make two bookmarks, one each of the two patterns I have.

One of these pineapple bookmarks


And one of these fan bookmarks.


to be made in  whichever of these four colours the winner prefers. (white, rainbow, red, white & cream).

You can choose a different colour for each of the bookmarks.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

This giveaway is primarily for those of you who follow me by email. You can also enter if you reblog this post and if you are a follower and reblog you can have two entries.

To enter:

Please leave a comment below telling me if you are a follower or reblogging or both and what colours you would like me to use for each of the bookmarks if you win.

The closing date will be 12th February and I will draw out the name of the lucky winner on 14th February.

90 thoughts on “100 Follower Giveaway open

  1. OOOOOH Jane, CONGRATULATIONS on your 100 followers (here’s to the next 100) and what a wonderful giveaway! I am about to reblog this and if I won (oooh please please) I would please love a WHITE pineapple bookmark and a RED fan bookmark – both of which are exquisite xxx


  2. Liked reblogged following and loving what I see 🙂 the bookmarks are beautiful I don’t have the patience to work with such fine cotton the rainbow ones are my fave I love rainbows as you can probably tell by my name 🙂 x


  3. Congratulations!! I just found your blog and have started to follow. I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read so far and am looking forward to reading more in the future. I love anything bright colours.


  4. Wishing you another hundred more followers…your blog is absolutely awesome….so full of ideas and gorgeous projects. I would love to have the bookmarks in either pink/purple/blue.


  5. Congratulations on a hundred followers! That is so exciting! I am a follower of your fantastic blog. All of your project are so great and I really enjoy reading your blog posts. You are very talented! The bookmarks are so pretty. I would definitely want a white color pineapple bookmark and a rainbow colored fan bookmark if I win. 🙂


  6. Congrats on your 100 followers! I am now a follower here too.. Love to read blogs in the early morning hours, with my big cup of hot coffee.. So relaxing.. I would love to win the rainbow bookmarks along with the yarn and buttons.. Blessings!


  7. I am a follower of the blog, and I would love the bookmarks in the white & cream option if I had the choice. Would it be a shipping problem for me to enter (I’m American, so the package would have quite a ways to go…)?


  8. hello, I am a new follower, I spotted your post from my friend Laura who blogs as “cute as a button” I think that I would like the bookmarks in rainbow if I were lucky enough to win x


  9. Hi there. Congratulations on having 100 blog followers (and still counting!). I spotted your post reblogged by Wool Hogs and thought I’d drop in for a look. What gorgeous gifts you have for your giveaway 🙂 I’ll reblog this on my site and help spread the word on your blog. Oh and I’m now following you…


  10. WooHoo! 100 followers! Congradulations! I love your blog and Im glad to see other people are finding out about it. Im a follower. I would LOVE the multi color on both bookmarks. They are all so pretty but the multi are especailly beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win!
    Tammy in Ct.


  11. Congratulations on reaching 100 followers. I’m not at all surprised 🙂 Thank you for hosting the giveaway of lovely prizes. I especially like the bookmarks which would be brilliant for my quilty books and I’d love rainbow or cream if I won 😀 Keep up the great work! Avis x


  12. Gorgeous buttons and those bookmarks! – Wow! I would never have the patience to work with such fine cotton 🙂 I love any colours, but white and pale blue are my favourites should I be lucky enough to be chosen. Lovely blog and congratulations on your 100 followers! Nikki x


  13. I just found your blog from a reblog on rainbowgoat87 and I decided to follow:) I love the colors that you are doing you crochet blocks in. They are so bright and happy. I would love the pinepple bookmark in rainbow and the fan bookmark in red. Congrats on 100 followers


  14. Congrats on 100 followers! I love your patterns in rainbow colors. A white pineapple and a rainbow fan, please! I love both these patterns, especially the pineapple.


  15. I only just today found your blog. Congratulations for making it SO big! I was scrolling down through your giveaway prizes and I heard this involuntary gasp (then realized it was me) when I saw the pineapple bookmark in the variegated thread. I hadn’t seen anything so pretty since my grandmother’s crocheting, and she died back in 1976. She loved this color scheme, and only her most important things got the ‘rainbow’ treatment. Please add me to your e-mail fan base!
    Patricia McC


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