Another Giveaway?

When I had my ‘Fifty Follower’ giveaway I always thought that I ought to have another one if I ever reached one hundred followers but had no especial expectation that that would ever happen.


But Now!

I was actually planning to write this when I only had 99 followers but no! now it is 100.

However this time I am going to ask people to say what they think would be the best sort of thing to give away.

i.e what would you like to win if you entered?

I think that there are probably two main areas of choice.

  1. Some craft materials: yarn, buttons, ribbon etc.
  2. Something I have made – either a personal choice for the winner or something specific.

What do you think?

What would you want to win?

All ideas gratefully received.

11 thoughts on “Another Giveaway?

  1. Congratulations on 100 followers! I recently reached that target too, it’s an exciting moment isn’t it? As a giveaway prize I think craft items always go down well, but there’s something much more personal about a handmade object. I’m sure that doesn’t help at all! But I guess what I’m trying to say is that people will love whatever you have to offer 🙂


    1. The reason I am asking this time is that I didn’t get as many people taking part in the giveaway last time as I had expected and I wondered if it was what was on offer which was things I had made. When I gave some yarn and buttons for the prize for the ‘Monthly Challenge’ we seemed to get lots of entries. So this is research. Thanks for the congratulations.


  2. Hi ,great giveaway, I think whatever you choose to give away would be gratefully received , I,d love to win either but something homemade would be extra special,100 followers ,wow well done


  3. That’s a hard choice! Something made by you would have a personal touch, but craft supplies would have a more “practical” feel. I’m guessing that many of your readers are interested in crafting themselves, so what about a combination? You could include a simple item of your own making along with the pattern and materials for the winner to give it a try themselves.


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