CAL 61-63 Struggle, boring and a niggle!


Square No. 61

Of all the squares I have made this has been the trickiest.

I don’t understand why it has only 2 crochet hooks as the difficulty level, to me it is definitely a four or five crochet hook block; in comparison the various raised flowers that get three hooks were easy.

I made the nine mini granny squares easily enough, though the thought of finishing off 36 ends rather depressed me, so I moved on to the other two squares.

Square no. 43Having finished the other two, I buckled down to the ends and then started the slipstitch joining. If it was a struggle last time (no. 43) This time it was worse. I resorted to a smaller hook which at least made getting into the stitches easier.

Having eventually finished the four slipstitch seams I measured it: a little over four inches! There was no way that was going to be big enough for the blanket with just a row of dcs round the edge, I stretched it a bit but it didn’t make much difference. It was too pretty to be excluded so what could I do?

I decided: I would use trebles for the last row.

But even then it was not all plain sailing, getting into the seams where I decided you needed a stitch seemed impossible, so back to the smaller hook, and working into the chains was none too easy either.

Eventually I finished it and here it is. Size: about 5.5 inches.


So to all of you out there who sailed through making it, hearty congratulations, you are obviously much better at this that I am. I really mean it.

Square No. 62


I wasn’t exactly excited by this square but there were no problems, just steady progress. Didn’t even have to count after the first row, though I did do so a couple of times. It even came out squarer than I expected, though looking at the photograph I am not so sure.

Square No. 63


I am finding these squares much easier now. Just a slight anxiety as to sizing.

However I do have a niggle. I followed the chart very exactly using my row counter but at the end I looked at the picture and it didn’t look the same.

I agonised, recounted: mine and the picture, and frankly my personal opinion is that the picture is NOT the same as the pattern. Anyway I wasn’t going to redo it so it is what it is.

*     *     *     *     *

And as an aside, I have had terrible problems up to now with curling corners on some squares, especially the all dc ones. I have tried to solve this in different ways but I expect you have seen that I have mostly failed. However with the last two squares this week, they were so bad that I was feeling pretty desperate but then I came up with a novel solution: using a pin I afixed a small coin to the corner to hold it down. It probably shows slightly in the photograph of square no. 63 but it certainly flattened them out.

11 thoughts on “CAL 61-63 Struggle, boring and a niggle!

        1. I think we are finding that the pattern and the photos don’t always agree 100%. Lets us be more relaxed about how we choose to make the squares I suppose. You may have noticed I’m getting a mind of my own with some squares.


  1. Well all problems aside I think they are beautiful and cant wait to see the afghan this will become! The nine patch is really lovely!


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