Snow in the City

I decided not to go out today. I have enough food and although it would be lovely to meet all my crafty friends at crafty coffee, I suspect that they may be staying in as well.

So I decided to try and take some ‘snow’ pictures. We get snow so rarely in Southampton that is always an ‘event’, at least to me it is.

I love snowy landscapes of fields and trees but I am not going to be able to take photographs of them without going out, and quite a long way out at that.

So this is what I can see from the safety of my house and porch.

The view from my kitchen window. The ‘maybe I am not going out today’ moment.

View from the kitchen window

And upstairs the view from my Study.

View from the study

And further round to the right: a tree heavy with snow.


In the garden – my little apple tree, laden but standing straight, well at least as straight as normal!


Later the snow was falling more heavily and I took some photos from the porch.

The snow falling

The daffodils in a tub – waiting for spring.


And down the road, someone has built a snowman on top of a wheely bin.


Well that is my day. How is yours?


6 thoughts on “Snow in the City

  1. Lovely pictures….I live in a very hot and humid country….so I can just enjoy the freezing snow from afar. thanks for sharing the great pictures! Wishing you a great weekend crafting more beauties.


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