CAL 58-60 Yes, I’ve gone pink!


I don’t know if I’ve caught up or if I am three behind but here are the squares I made this week. And this time I did use a lot of pink.

Square No. 58


I did like this square although it is another of the draughty ones. It was fairly straightforward to make but needs to be stretched out to get the best view.

Square No. 59


I am getting quite comfortable with making these sort of squares now but it had even more ends than the previous one, many of which had to be finished down the middle! At least there was no carrying the yarn across.

Square No. 60


I enjoyed making this one and liked the effect of the popcorns. It also had lots of rows of trebles which I like, as for some reason I find them easier to do than dcs and they mean less rows. This had the most ends of all and it felt like a whole session just finishing the ends but I think the effect is worth it.

*     *     *     *     *

Just think only another four squares and we will be halfway!

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