CAL 46-57 Bumper edition!

Squares nos. 46-57

Paradoxically, the illness that stopped me making any squares over Christmas has enabled me to catch up, since the last week I have left the housework (though I did do some vacuuming yesterday) and many other activities and spent a lot of time watching films on the TV and crocheting.

So here they all are. I spent less time taking each picture than I usually do but I do not think this has made them worse than usual.

Square No. 46

Square no.46

I really enjoyed making this square. It was very straightforward and lay beautifully flat and about the right size.

I think it would make a very pretty blanket, just on it’s own but using a variety of colour combinations.

Square No. 47

Square no. 47

This one was a different matter. I liked the look of the square and decided that it must be another ‘marigold square’ so made it in orange.

However, it’s maybe the way I crochet, but it just wouldn’t lie flat and was on the small size. So I stretched it and ironed it (but left the yarn attached), and since it was still a bit small, I was naughty and crocheted an extra row of dcs round the edge to bring it up to size.

Square No. 48

Square no. 48

I liked the look of this in the book and I liked it even better in the colours I chose. Not such an obvious choice for a blanket though because of the holes in the middle.

Square No. 49

Square no. 49

Of course I enjoyed doing rainbow stripes, though the fact that these blocks are not really ‘square’ always irritates me slightly.

Square No. 50

Square no. 50

I am getting much better at these squares where you have to change colour but also use the same colour in nearby places and I stretched the yarn across the back and then crocheted over it as with square no. 45 to avoid too many ends or loops.

Square No. 51

Square no. 51

The only problem I remember with this one was having to fit 24 trebles into a 6 chain ring but I managed it in the end and was pleased with my flower.

I liked the colours in the picture so I chose to use the same ones.

Square No. 52

Square no. 52

When I had done a few rows of this one I realised that it was going to end up maybe 6.5 inches wide, so I undid it and started again making the stitches much more firmly, but even so it is a little larger than the norm that seems to be working out at about 5.75 inches.

With this one I did occasionally find I had done three dcs on the previous row instead of dc tr dc, probably when distracted by the film I was watching, but I think that this was easy to pick up on the following row, so I hope there aren’t any mistakes in the final block.

It was straightforward to do but did require more concentration than some harder blocks. I was quite surprised that such a simple pattern produced such a pronounced effect.

We were told that one side was the right side and, though that works for the block as a whole, the pattern in itself is obviously the same on both sides which is a thing worth noting for the future as I think it has been quite rare.

Square No. 53

Square no. 53

I was afraid this might be difficult, but in the event it was very straightforward. The only issue came at the end where I noticed that in the pattern we were instructed to use yarn B for the last row but the picture showed the last row as done in yarn C. I noticed in seeing other people’s blocks that some people obviously look more to the pattern and others to the picture.

For myself, having found the block to be on the small size, I decided on a radical solution by which I followed the pattern as written but than added an extra row to match the one in the picture.

I actually thought the block looked even better like this.

Square No. 54

Square no. 54

Again, I was afraid that this might be difficult but found it fairly straigforward, though when I added the green round the flower I was afraid for a time that it wasn’t going to look like the picture as the flower seemed to overwhelm the following row.

Square No. 55

Square no. 55

Another strightforward square. I didn’t like the colours in the book and much prefered my choice though I noted that there is not a lot of contrast between the ‘lavender’ and the ‘wisterior’ yarn I had used.

Square No. 56

Square no. 56

A VERY strighforward square and though it is not the way I would normally choose to make a ‘granny square’, I did think that the six chain start to each row would be easy for beginners when doing a one colour square. As I am due to introduce a friend to crochet next Tuesday I am very aware of what might be helpful to beginners.

Square No. 57

Square no. 57

I feel that I am beginning to get the knack of bobbles so this pleased me. I also liked the V or arrow arrangement of bobbles.

However one thing to note is that in my opinion the pattern should read ‘repeat rows 1-16’ and not just ‘1-15’ as looking closely at the picture there is a thicker band above the last bobble than you get with only the fifteen rows and the direction of the stitches on the last row suggest that it is an even numbered row and not an odd one.

Since I thought that this was also more consistent with previous bobble squares and would not make the square too large, I added the extra row.

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