CAL 43-45 Getting back on track!

I know I am way behind lots of other people but since I often do my CAL posts on Thursdays and I have finished three more squares I thought that I would share them with you.

Square No. 43

Square no. 43

I quite like the colours I chose for this one but wasn’t that enamoured at having to make four fiddly little granny squares and then join them in the manner instructed.

We were told to use yarn B but it looked to me that it was more likely that C had been used and anyway I didn’t want the joining stitches to show so I used colour ‘C’ – the green.

It seems to have come out on the small size and I don’t think I did the joining very well, so I may crochet round a row of dcs if I use it for the blanket.

Square No. 44

Square no. 44

I liked this one better and although I could not copy the colour style exactly, I did start off with colours than shaded into each other.

Square No. 45

Square no. 45

I hadn’t expected to like doing this one but in the event it was quite straightforward and I managed to hide the yarn where I stretched it across the back when the steps increased by working the stitches over it, so that pleased me.

So only four ends to finish off which was pleasant after the other two.


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