What did I do over Christmas?

Well not as much as I might have hoped as I have been suffering from a cold. “The cold that thinks it’s flu” as I have dubbed it.

It started with a cough! Now what cold STARTS with a cough?

Moved onto fever and then when the fever broke and you felt much better and felt maybe you were going to get better quicker than normal, and with all of Christmas ahead, the cold really starts – streaming nose, productive cough, the lot.

Nine days after it started, you are feeling wobbly walking round the sitting room and wondering if you will ever get better!

Well my son helped by putting up the Christmas tree but I had to add the decorations I had shared with you.

My son comes to stay over Christmas as the buses are so bad and normally we play games but this year all we did was watch TV and do the Radio Times cryptic crossword, which, much to my delight, we managed to finish between us.

Of course my son also caught the cold and was feeling pretty bad by the time he left on Saturday.

* * * * *

And I put the cards on the bookcase but didn’t try to cover up what lay behind! The one of the candle was made by a creative friend and it is the third year she has made her cards using a special paper folding system.

* * * * *

My granddaughter and family came on the Monday for a present swop and a meal of which I ate only a tiny, tiny portion but they did insist on doing the washing up which helped, and I made sure the crib was up. Again in a bookcase.

My son insisted that two of the kings should be having a chat.

* * * * *

Snowflakes on coffee tableNo streamers, no tinsel, and I spread my snowflakes on the coffee table since I wasn’t up to turning them into a garland. These were moved to the mantle piece on Christmas day as my grandsons, daughter and son-in-law came to lunch. They had all had the cold before me and Alfred, the younger, was suffering from Chicken Pox that he had caught from his brother, so we were a sick household and no one ate as much as they might have done.

* * * * *

Kitchen snowflakesBut the gel snowflakes on the kitchen windows

* * * * *

Snowflake wreath on doorand the wreath on the inside of the front door kept my spirits up.

* * * * *

I didn’t feel up to starting on the outstanding CAL squares but did manage some more of my granny ripple blanket.0094-blanket

8 thoughts on “What did I do over Christmas?

  1. Sounds like a lousy infection you had. I gather you didn’t go the antibiotic route? I’ve had something similarly enduring but less throaty and more sinusy, and after a week felt like shooting myself so I stocked up at the GP and am feeling more normal now.Take it easy and stay warm. and get lots of rest. The granny ripple is so stunning, but clearly your body wants more time off 🙂 and Happy 2013 to you x


    1. Glad you are feeling better from your infection. Antibiotics are no good for viruses, kill your ‘good bacteria’ and taking them for a cold only helps bugs develop antibiotic resistance. I rely on my body to know what it’s doing. I think I am getting better but still weak.


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