CAL 40-42 Are mistakes creeping in?

Not my mistakes, though there enough of those.  However I hope I correct most of them before I finish the squares.

I mean mistakes in the Jan Eaton Book.

Take square 41 for instance: when I looked at the pattern my guess was that the first bobble would be on the far right. In the photo, however, it appeared to be on the left so I was full of self-doubt.

When I made the square I was relieved to find I was right. But this means that the photo has the last row at the bottom and not at the top as it does in all the other pictures.

Not a big mistake and maybe someone liked the look of it better that way round.

But with square 42 there really was a mistake in the pattern in my opinion.

I was surprised that the middle of the sides for rows 6 & 7 consisted of dc, 3ch rather than tr, 3ch, especially the way the picture looked. But being the sort of person I am, I followed the pattern religiously and came out with this:-

Even stretching it didn’t seem to help, so I went with my opinion and remade it with trebles instead of the double crochets in the last two rows, as you will see further down.

Square No. 40

From previous experience I decided to make the ‘flower’ in a stronger colour so that it would show up and was pleased with the result.

I think I have given up naming all the flowers, since most flowers tend to have five or six petals rather than eight. Though of course five would be hard to work easily into a square design.

I like this square and I am used to working ‘granny’ type patterns, though I still get the wrong number of trebles in a group sometimes. “Please don’t tell me you can see a mistake! 🙂 ”

Square No. 41

I actually worked this last as I expected it to be fairly straighforward which it was. Not much to say really, except what I refer to above about the fact that, with the first row at the bottom, the bobble triangle points to the left. This is how I have photographed it.


Square No. 42


As you can see this square looks much better like this.

I kept to similar colours to the picture because I liked the look of the original.

Square No. 36 redone

I have also managed to find time to redo square no. 36 – the one with the htr rows.


It’s amazing what a difference feeling confident and knowing what you are doing can make. I even got the colours the right way round this time.

It would look even better if stretched to look properly square.

*     *     *     *     *

And I will leave you with a photograph of all the squares that I have completed up to now.

This does enlarge
This does enlarge

I did take a little time to make a harmonious arrangement and the seven squares on the bottom row are the ones most likely to be omitted from the final blanket and used for a cushion or something.

6 thoughts on “CAL 40-42 Are mistakes creeping in?

  1. I think you’ve got your 41 and 42 mixed up on the first section? I’m also very confused as my book for r6 and 7 on #42 say to do 3tr, 3ch, 3tr in the corner sections, not dc. Are you using am American version of the book? Or, am I misunderstanding?

    Your collection of blocks look great. Well done.


    1. Yes you’re right about the first part – have changed it.
      With 42 it was the bit between the corners I was talking about. Looking at 42 on your blog it looks like you did it as per the pattern like my picture at the top. But look at the picture in the book and my square towards the bottom. Don’t they look more alike.


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