CAL 37-39 Is this getting boring?

I do wonder sometimes if most of my followers don’t find my weekly CAL post a bit boring. I am not bored of course; I am really enjoying the CAL and happy reviewing my progress.

I did find the first of this week’s squares a little boring however.

Square No. 37

And even in my chosen colours I am not especially enthralled; maybe other peoples choices will be more exciting.

Square No. 38

Now this square I like a lot more.

I decided that with it called dahlia square that the colour in my selection that most said ‘dahlia’ to me was yellow.

I think it would actually make quite a good centre square for the blanket and might end up using it that way.

I am not sure I have been making the popcorns 100% correctly but they end up looking the same so that’s okay for now as far as I am concerned.

It appeared to come out much smaller than no. 36 but actually I found it would stretch to be the same size so hopefully it will be right in the end.

Square No. 39

Who is Gavin I wonder?

This square has an interesting texture that I like to look at but did not find so easy to work as I was always afraid I was maybe choosing the wrong stitch to work into.

I chose the colours to be a sort of landsacape with grass at the bottom and sky at the top and rows of flowers (or maybe in some cases water) inbetween.

I was actually more pleased with the result than I expected to be which was a nice surprise.

*     *     *     *     *    *

I have been finding the recent dull weather a great strain as it has made taking the photographs very difficult. Today, however, I found a solution. I am using my SAD lamp and it gives a very good light to take the pictures by as you can see above.

I have only recently bought the SAD lamp.

I spent last winter never feeling fully awake and wanting nothing more than to hibernate so I decided that I couldn’t stand another winter like that and would have to try something. And I must say that the SAD lamp has worked a treat and I actually feel more energetic than I did through our long dark summer.  🙂


8 thoughts on “CAL 37-39 Is this getting boring?

  1. I’ve seen Patch asking the same question about her CAL posts, my opinion is that as my blog is for me as much as anyone else, I don’t care! They can pop back another day, but hopefully they’re enjoying seeing different stitch combos. The CAL posts are personally satisfying to see how I’m learning stitches and skills. 🙂


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