CAL 34-36 Pink, pink, pink? I think not!

Yesterday morning, I had only finished two squares so it was a question of: did I create a post for only two squares? or did I delay till I could include all three? Being such an orderly minded person I waited.

Square No. 34

Why orange for this square? No Cottage Garden related reason, just the fact that, being me, I looked ahead and shared out the colours between the relatively few single coloured squares and this one was chosen to be orange.

One could think oranges perhaps but that is hardly very ‘cottage garden’ with our weather, or there are carrots of course.

I am getting quite relaxed about bobbles these days and I liked the fact that with this one there was no tricky counting: a gap of two dcs between bobbles is so easy to do.

Square No. 35

I like this square though I found it a little tricky to start with.

From previous squares I had built up the idea that Jan Eaton made her chain stitch sections very tight so I did this with the 3ch on the first row and the 5ch on the 2nd row, only to find that the resulting section was anything but flat.

So I started again and this time made the chains as I normally would. Even this was not entirely flat but after I had done the third row it was looking acceptable so I continued.

I think that it has a slightly exotic look to it and could imagine that a blanket with this as the only square, or maybe with it paired with another simpler square, could look very attractive.

I was determined not to make it in pink; not that I have anything against pink.

If I saw it in my cottage garden, I think I was thinking Clematis as there are some with four large petals. I had originally planned to have the blue and green the other way round but I think that it probably looks better this way.

Square No. 36

I have had to redo this square (new picture above) as I didn’t find it as easy as I imagined as I wasn’t sure what to do at the end of the rows and think I guessed incorrectly the first few times. It also looked awfully uneven in the photo. The second time I swopped the narrow row colours round which makes it more like the one in the book.

However it was a novelty to be using htr for a change, less rows too!

It is almost pink, as the Stylecraft ‘clematis’ yarn is somewhere between pink and lilac in my estimation. Otherwise I couldn’t find any particular attribution for it.


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