CAL 31-33 In spite of everything!

Life has been extra busy this last week, so I have made no attempt to stretch or straighten the squares and although the light was good yesterday, by the time I got home it was fading and after several attempts I gave up on getting a better picture of the one with the stripe.

Luckily all these three squares are easy to make with no issues.

Square No. 31

Although this is entitled ‘Primrose Square’ I decided that I had had a yellow flower and it was about time I had a pale blue one and anyway the flower had the wrong number of petals for a primrose.

I thought that whether yellow of blue the flower does not stand out very clearly in this design, though I enjoyed making it. It was pleasant to work and quite straightforward.

Square No. 32

In terms of my cottage garden fancy this square represents a beam of sunlight shining through the leaves.

As expected, it turned out a little larger than most of my squares, just like the first square which is based on the same diagonal pattern.

I had no problems this time and, though I did stop to check the number of stitches from time to time, they were always correct.

Square No. 33

I could have chosen to turn this into another rainbow type square but I decided to keep to the pink and gentle shading, though of course, given my colour scheme,  I had to incorporate other colours than pink.

It will need to be stretched to make it square but then that is the same as square no. 21 which was worked in the same way.

Very straightforward to make however.


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