CAL 28-30 Sunshine and flowers!

Square No. 28

I know it is the wrong number of petals but there was something about this square that made me think Evening Primrose but maybe yellow rose would be better.

The flower for this square was a lot easier to work than the earlier Waterlily square (no. 16).

(One thing I forgot when I first wrote this post was that I had to reduce the number of initial chains from twelve down to eight as twelve made the ring just too long.)

The only thing that I found at all tricky about this square, apart from the initial chains, was the normal problem I get when you end up with rows of dcs and in the corners have to work 3dc into the midddle dc of the previous row’s 3dcs. I always find it hard to be sure if I am working into the right space. I think in future I am going to use crochet markers, just to save my eyes from struggling.

When I work squares that I imagine as individual flowers, I tend to have the flower in the middle surrounded by green for leaves and then blue for sky, so I was tempted to amend the pattern and replace the single row that was the same colour as the flower with pale blue but the yellow looked so bright and jolly that I decided to keep it exactly as the pattern.

Square No. 29

I like to think of this one as rows of different coloured flowers growing together. On ‘Gardeners World’ I remember in one programme they had an area by the greenhouses where they grew flowers to pick. So maybe this is my flowers to pick area. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am getting to quite enjoy bobbles and not have to undo them very often (as I do when they don’t come up to my exacting standards ๐Ÿ™‚ย  ).

Square No. 30

This is definitely my ‘Sunshine’ square: a square of forty rising suns.

It might make a pleasant pattern to work up for a shawl or blanket.

There is a * missing in row 2 but it doesn’t really matter as what you have to do is quite obvious.

I didn’t find I was remembering the four rows very well and had to keep looking to check at the beginning of each row but otherwise I found it very straightforward.


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