CAL 25-27 Christmas comes early!

These are obviously meant to be ‘Christmas’ squares but of course I didn’t do them like that because anyway the colours pictured are not in my colour range.

Square No. 25

I was very pleased with this one as I simply did each row at a steady pace and it came out beautifully square and within the general size range.

I used the yarn from both ends of the blue (background colour) ball for working either side of the tub and tree to avoid having to cut a separate length or having loops or too many ends.

Square No. 26

A snowflake with eight sides! Well I am sure you can guess what I think of that. Anyway white was not one of my chosen colours so I have made it into a flower.

It is a bit lacy for a blanket I feel. Sort of drafty!

I made one alteration to this pattern. For round three I slipstitched into two of the 9 chains before starting the ch, 2dc … because although it did look from the picture as if Jan Eaton had followed her pattern, on all the other 2dc, 5ch, 2dc groups the 2dcs were near to each other at the top of the loop and without the slipstitches this would not happen for this first loop.

Square No. 27

I actually made this square second and it would have been straightforward except for one thing…………………

It is maybe worth mentioning that when I was a child I was always good at mathematics but I had one big failing which was when it came to tests, I was so eager to get ahead and do the question that I often did not read it properly and so got the wrong answer.

I can see I am a bit the same with crochet patterns including this one.

I got as far as row four on the pattern found the spike stitch relatively easy, thought ‘this is really simple’ and proceeded to repeat the four row stripes in my chosen colours.

I had almost finished when I went back to the pattern to check that the total number of rows was thirty two and realised that my square did not look like the picture and that row eight which also contained spike stitches had them further along. Gave a big sigh and undid as far as the beginning of row eight.

That will teach me to read the pattern properly next time won’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚

Of course this one also displeased me by not being square but since squares 27 has one more dc in width to square 25 making it wider but also has two rows in height, less – I said to myselfย  “What did you expect?” “If 34 rows gives just over 5.5 inches then two rows represent about a third of an inch!” I will definitely have to learn how to block.

* ย  *ย ย  * ย  *ย ย  *

I find it interesting looking thorough the patterns that as far as a quick scan can discover that the puff stitches of last week and the spike stitches of this appear to only be used in one square each whereas other stitches like the bobble and popcorn stitches are used in several. Perhaps Jan Eaton is not very keen on either puff or spike stitches.


14 thoughts on “CAL 25-27 Christmas comes early!

  1. I got confused with the puff stitch: did she or didn’t she used it several times? P.S I prefer that stitch to the bullion ๐Ÿ™‚
    P.P.S I know how it hurt to go back to row 8 lol!!!


  2. Those patterns are adorable, both in their original Christmas colors and in your own colors! What do you mean when you say certain colors aren’t in your range? Do you choose to only use certain colors when creating things, or did you not have any on hand?


    1. When the CAL to make these square was set up a theme was chosen which was ‘cottage garden’ and although with a theme like that one could almost justify including any colour, the point of having a theme was to restrict the range of colours so I chose the nine colours that you can find here:( ) as the ones I would use for my version of the squares.


      1. Aha! That makes so much more sense now–about the time you started the CAL, I started spending more time at work and less time following blogs, so I missed some explanatory details earlier.


  3. Ooh…I have this book as well and at one stage tried working my way through unfortunately has this lovely way of intruding ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gorgeous colour scheme btw


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