CAL 22-24 In spite of having a cold!

I think that I feel quite pleased with the balance between the different colours. Whether, in the end, I can or will use them in the same blanket is another matter of course.

I aim to publish my ‘CAL’ posts on a Thursday but I didn’t think I was going to make it this week as I have had a bad cold. I made square 22 straight after the previous three as I was feeling in the mood but once I went down with the cold I found that I didn’t even feel up to working on the edge for my flower cloth still less a pattern I had to follow. But yesterday I was over the worst, but still not fully back to normal, and the only thing I did feel up to was sitting quiety and crocheting.

I also wanted to try out my new bifocal glasses that I had decided to buy for reducing the strain on my eyes when watching TV and crocheting or knitting at the same time. I hadn’t realised how much sub par my distance vision was. Suddenly the TV was so-oo sharp and I could read the display on the DVD recorder from where I was sitting. Looking aside at the ball of yarn was odd and I had to adjust the glasses to read the pattern on the side table but all in all the glasses are a definite ‘hit’.

So now for the squares. No flower pictures this week.

Square No. 22

I thought these colours would work well together and would have a pretty floral feel.

This square does stretch out into a square but I would have to pin it down to something to keep it that way. It was actually a lot more crumpled looking when I had first finished it.

The front post / back post business wasn’t too tricky once I got into it but I can’t quite decide whether it is a good thing to introduce into a pattern or not.

I like the finished look but it will need to be inserted in between squares that are firmly square I think.

Square No. 23

With this square I thought ‘leaves’ gently twining together.
It turned out larger than average, as I expected, since the foundation row had 33 dcs rather than the more common 27.

I find the foundation row tends to turn out larger than the final row I think this is because I work the foundation chain fairly loose so I know I can work into it easily. Hopefully when sewn in place this will adjust itself.

Square No. 24

Now I did get myself into a bit of a muddle with this one. I thought when it said ‘puff’ stitches it meant popcorns. Well I was recovering from the cold and the different stitch names are not fixed in my mind yet. (Excuses, excuses, 😉  )

I didn’t like it very much with the popcorns but when I looked closely at the picture part way through I realised that the stitches there looked quite different mine. So I undid what I had done in yellow and read up on how to do puff stitches.

In the end I think it is a very pleasant square to look at and a blanket made of these squares could be really lovely.

Only issue would be that I found it hard to pull the yarn through eight loops without catching it and having to redo the stitch, somethimes several times. I don’t know if anyone else had this problem or knows how to prevent it?


8 thoughts on “CAL 22-24 In spite of having a cold!

      1. I know what you mean about popcorn and puffs, I had the same problem, but I use puffs more. Puffs with 8 times yo??? I did 5 yo and it was getting difficult… but the colors are sure nice….


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