CAL 19-21 Seventh week already!

Square No. 19

I didn’t have anything particular with which to associate this but I liked how it turned out. Made me think of misty mornings and trellis.

A bit of miss-counting and having to undo a row or so but nothing too drastic.

Square No. 20

When planning the colours for this one, I thought of a bed of these many coloured cabbages and cauliflowers that you can get these days.

Not a very good photo but the greengrocers had sold all the purple ones unfortunately and it was very dark as it’s pouring with rain and they were in the doorway so I had to be quick.

Now back to the crochet

I got the colours the wrong way round the first time, forgetting I was working from the back! and then I redid the first row of bobbles a couple of times more as I didn’t think they were perfect enough. 🙄 (I was being far too much of a perfectionist.) but at least it meant that by the time I settled into it I had a system for changing the colours. I used the ‘complete the previous stitch with the new colour’ method of introducing the bobble colour and then did the closing chain in the background colour which seemed to work best.

Like with the ‘baby blocks’ I had a lot of ends, I could have made them shorter but decided to be cautious. Here you can see the back with the ends of the top right bobble sewn in. I managed to do it quite neatly I thought!

I didn’t find it as bad as the chequerboard – ‘baby blocks’ one (no. 11) because you didn’t have to use the same colour more than once on each row and the extra colours were only used on one row at a time.

Square No. 21

I decided that this just had to be more rainbows!

I enjoyed working a square by decreasing better than the earlier increasing one (no. 15). It didn’t seem very ‘square’ when I had finished so it got a bit of stretching treatment. But as you can see it is still squiffy!

Size is still a strange thing as the bobble square was six inches wide after a couple of rows but seemed to get shrink as I did more. Still all three are about the same size so I am going to stop worrying.


12 thoughts on “CAL 19-21 Seventh week already!

  1. Your choice of colours are a true reflectioin of your nature…very bright…beautiful in more ways than one and you have a superb way of matching the right combination to produce such beauties…. thanks for sharing your creativity with the rest of us…near and far!

    Happy weekend.



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