CAL 16-18 It’s getting better all the time!

I enjoyed making these a whole lot more.

Square No. 16

Of course this is already a waterlily square.

So I made the petals in pink.

I do feel that the pattern was unnecessarily tricky and that it would have been easy to insert a slipstitch on the petal rows to save having to find stitches two rows back. In order to be sure I was stitching in the right place I employed these

that I have bought to one day make crochet stitch markers.

Square No. 17

If I want to relate this to anything I think it would have to be blackberries and from my archive this is the nearest I have got to a photgraph of blackberries!

I used Rachel’s extra chain to close the bobbles this time and it does make the following row easier.

Square No. 18

I resisted the temptation to make this using my favourite method of making granny squares and followed the pattern. Choosing colours to make it into a generic flower.

The next three squares look interesting. I think I should enjoy making them. Though no. 20 should mean lots of ends to finish off.

In her first post Rachel asked if people had any resolutions in relation to the CAL.

Well I don’t have any resolutions exactly but I am aquiring a system.

  • Finish off the ends when this week’s three squares have been completed.
  • If the square is too curly pin it to a chair cover for a few days and hope it flattens/straightens out a bit.
  • If the right side is not obvious work it out and then attach a pin to that side so you don’t forget.
  • Pack squares in sixes inside little resealable bags to keep them flat and clean.

7 thoughts on “CAL 16-18 It’s getting better all the time!

  1. Well done, I always enjoy seeing your thoughts on colour choices and accompanying photos, it’s interesting to hear thought processes.
    I like your CAL resolutions. I am sticking to darning the ends in the blocks as I go, it’s a good habit.


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