A bit of a boost and a puzzle

Taking part in the CAL has made me question whether I can really compete (in an ability sense) with all these other crocheters who are taking part because I feel I have only really been crocheting since I retired.

But some days ago I found a few things that I made years ago, but had forgotten, that show that that maybe I know more than I think.

There is this trial square that I made from whatever odd bits of yarn I had to see if I liked the motif for a blanket that I found in a magazine. Which shows I have done popcorn stitches before.

I decided that it might have looked good in the picture (all in cream I think) but in the hand it was too big and too floppy.

And then there is the first half of a tea-cosy which is all over bobbles. So I have met them before!

This was again made from leftover yarn and I realised half way that I wouldn’t have enough to finish it.

The above must have been made about twenty years ago.

And lastly there is the first piece of crochet that I ever did. Discoloured now and I can see that my tension tightens up as I went along

but I am still pleasantly surprised that I could crochet even that well fifty years ago.

I also got a boost from being able to hang the washing out and use my new peg bag. It’s been so wet lately.

There was more washing but I hang jumpers indoors. And, yes, the passion flower is taking over the garden and will have to be severely pruned that will probably kill it but at least will let the lavatera grow further back.

But now the puzzle

I was given a whole bag of yarn the other day. I was told it contained tapestry wool, which it did.

And I may get round to using it in a few months time if I can fit it in.
there were also all these bundles of cut yarn. The pieces are about 30 inches, (75cm) in length.

Can anyone suggest a use for this? Or should I just chuck it in the bin?

19 thoughts on “A bit of a boost and a puzzle

  1. Jeez, I’m super impressed! Especially with your first piece of crochet???? It looks insanely intricate..and difficult! Ummmmm all I can think of right now is Rainbow Dolls?!!!


  2. How about making a rug from all the scraps you have? Or a table runner, pot holders, can koozis, or even a fun scarf if you have enough yarn?


      1. wow, that is a problem…What about a knot rug??? idk sounds like whatever you do its going to be a challenge. good luck let me know if you come up with a good idea. 🙂


  3. Those cut pieces of wool (and it is wool, 100%) used to be sold in big hanks for stitching the backgrounds of needlepoint designs. They are worth a small fortune, but only to someone who can use them – if you know what i mean!!! Why don’t you use them to knit or crochet small things then felt them?
    I can’t believe that was your first piece of crochet – good golly miss molly….


    1. Thanks! That would accord with them being in a bag with tapestry wool. Maybe I should use them when I want to do some tapestry. I thought someone had cut them up. I love doing tapestry. It’s only the cost of the wool puts me off.


    1. The crochet lace was a border for a tablecloth. I made it in my teens when my eyesight was a lot better. My mum mostly made crochet lace though she did make clothes as well. But crochet lace grew much too slowly for me to persist and I struggled to hold the hook the way my mum insisted. (Now I hold it my way and there’s no-one to see).


        1. It’s size 40 (not sure you got 30 at the time in UK). If you look you can see the number on the ball of crochet cotton that I included in the piture. I had it all still there in a little bag waiting for me to finish it! LOL.


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