CAL 13-15 Size matters!

These squares could be subtitled: Sunflower, Marigold, Rainbow, in as far as my colour palette allows.

Square No. 13

I decided to crochet the first two rows in the same colour as I preferred the look and it was consistent with it being my ‘sunflower’ square.

Now to the issue of size

When the squares turn out the wrong size I tend to blame myself for not crocheting at a consistent tension but with this one I am not sure as the last row only has 27 dcs while with the ones that start at an edge it is often 31.

Anyway, when I finished this one it was only about five and a half inches square instead of just under six which was the norm (except for no. 1 and 11).

I wasn’t sure whether to undo it and try again with a larger hook or to add an extra row. In the end I added an extra row in the dark blue and liked it all the better for it. But is it still a little small?

Square No. 14

This was my Marigold square if only for the colour.

After the size issue with the previous square I measured it after the first two or three rows and decided that it too was set to be only five and a half inches so I undid it and changed to the 4.5mm hook that I normally prefer because I tend to think that I crochet tighter than other people. This brought it just under six inches so similar to most other squares, though maybe still on the small size.

Square No. 15

I know this has only six colours not seven and rainbows are red not pink but it is still my ‘rainbow’ square. I can see there will be others too!

Of course after all the above I was very anxious about what would happen to the size of this square but I started with the 4mm hook and lo and behold! it came out the default size so I was pleased.

Still not sure if it’s me or the patterns that make the squares inconsistent but I like these three squares and they will have a place in the final blanket.

Since I have now finished all the loose ends, I have taken new pictures.

I keep worrying about the relative sizes but maybe they will work out?


7 thoughts on “CAL 13-15 Size matters!

  1. To be honest I never expected the sizes to be uniform, because I couldn’t believe that all the squares with different stitches and their varying tension would be identical. Putting smaller squares together for one project, and larger for another might be the answer. Or, how about adding borders to even them up?
    I’m not worrying until nearer the time when there are piles of blocks and they need to be joined.


    1. Thanks for that. No I couldn’t really believe they would be all exactly the same size but felt that I OUGHT to. And you are probably right about not worrying. I am much too inclined to feel anxious. And I am going to edge them all pre joining, I think, as I thought I would try the flat braid joining method.


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