CAL 10-12 Not very exciting!

This is a composite picture so it doesn’t show the relative size of the squares.


The first squares that I could make while watching TV


Square No. 10

I started this square while sitting in the garden in what was probably the last of the summer sun.

I realised that the corner granny square had showed me that being relaxed made the stitches bigger so I decided to be much more relaxed in my crocheting in the hope that the square would thus end up a full 6 inches instead of a little below.

I came in half way through and picked up my tape measure only to discover that the square was 7 inches wide and likely to be the same high if I continued. So I decided this had been a failed experiment, undid all the stitches and went back to my normal crochet style.

Perhaps I should be content with just under 6 inches.

Square No. 11

I hated this square even before I started it, maybe it was the colours in the book but I didn’t think I’d really like it in any colours. It also takes about twice as long to make and is wasteful of yarn with all the changes.

I started it three times.

  • Firstly I made it the way it said at the back of the book with the yarn trailing across the back and I had only done two rows of squares when I decided that the back looked messy and that if it was made into a blanket it would be easy to catch on things.
  • The second time I got about half-way when I realised that there was something wrong with the corner between the first row and the foundation row and, much as I hated making it, I was too much of a perfectionist not to have to start again.
  • This final attempt by the time I had got to the beginning of the sixth row I had worked out the best way to approach each row and was finishing the ends as I went.  However I still only continued it by sheer will power and having an F1 Grand Prix to watch as a distraction! 😉

I knew early on that it would be the smallest of the squares at only 5.5 inches but I think I want to use it for something other than the finished blanket anyway.

In fact I can see that there are a few squares I would miss out if it was just down to me. Maybe they would go for a cushion or something because I think they are all solid squares made with just dcs.

Square No. 12

With this square I don’t like the fact that it is close to symmetrical without actually being symmetrical and I would have made it symmetrical except for the fact that I realised that the thin lines had to be created on even rows and so that was not possible. I did at least keep the colours symmetrical.


With my peg bag out of the way, I have finaly got around to finishing the ends on all the squares and will try to do this as I go from now on.


16 thoughts on “CAL 10-12 Not very exciting!

  1. Your squares are great, I wouldn’t overworry about getting the sizes exactly right at this stage – there is still all the blocking to come!
    There are a few squares that I have no intention of doing, and they all include the dc ones with just changes of colour. I don’t think anyone can make us 🙂
    Your cols are very “cottage garden”, so lovely


    1. No, as you say no one can make us do the ones we don’t like. I am a very ‘stick to the rules person’ but I am beginning to allow myself to not stick too rigidly to the colour arrangements so who knows what else I may choose to do in time.


  2. Say, Rainbow Junkie, I have a question. When I finish a crocheted dishcloth the edges come out uneven despite the fact each row has the same amount of stitches. How would I correct this? Even when I go around the square in sc it’s still noticeably uneven.


    1. Not sure if I am the right person to ask as my edges (and stitches) are far from perfect. But I think eveness comes from the stitches being the same size. I find if I get into a nice rhythym the stitches are fairly even. I also like to pull the yarn so the last two stitches on the hook are the same size and if the edge chains are too large I redo the stitch.

      There is also blocking but I don’t do this so I don’t know how much it would help. Some people seem to swear by it.

      Does it matter too much when it’s a dishcloth?


  3. I love your colours! Agrree with the comment about #11 – I don’t like mine! I ended up threading the yarn through the stitches as I went along so I didn’t get loose threads at the back, but not happy with it ;( Still, only one so far that I’m not happy with overall!


  4. I like your composite picture – it shows how your colours all work together. I agree about the solid blocks. I don’t intend to include then in my finished blanket either. Mine might get frogged or used for something else… Cushions maybe?? I’m sure there is no problem about missing out a few blocks. There are going to be so many eventually and we won’t need them all. It’s a case of join in, have fun and learn. Block 11 probably won’t be in my blanket but I have never made a block like it before so it was a good learning experience.


  5. I hated the #11 one too and I think you are right about yarn is wasted with all the carrying, whether stranding or weaving. Humph! (Unhappy noise as am using very posh wool.)

    Now all these comments from people about not making all the blocks, who’s going to make us and will we be in trouble overtones really amuse me. YES you WILL be in trouble. I will BLACKLIST any who miss blocks or fall out of schedule. I WILL slur your names and blogs on the WORLDWIDE WEB.

    Tee hee. 😀

    This CAL is for fun and not to be taken too seriously. Enjoy it. Go at your own pace with the blocks you like and enjoy looking at.


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