For those who like churches

A friend and I had been planning to go to Lyndhurst, in the middle of the New Forest, for a picnic ever since the early spring but with limited mutual availability of days and the un-seasonal weather it wasn’t until last Wednesday that we actually managed it.

I took my camera and although I didn’t bother to take pictures of the actual picnic, I did take some pictures in a very striking church in Lyndhurst: St Michaels and All Angels.

They were having a mother and toddler group at the back of the church at the time or I might have taken more pictures but I thought I would like to share these with you.
The first thing that struck me was the pulpit.

And then this view of a pillar.and the church beyond. You can see the mother and toddler group in the background.

Around the roof were wooden angels each playing a different musical instrument.

And behind the altar a large fresco of the wise and foolish virgins by Frederick Leighton (later to become Lord Leighton and president of the Royal Academy of Art).

This will enlarge so you can have a closer look

And round the corner this painting by a woman (I can’t remember her name) who was influenced by the Pre Raphaelites.

Unfortunately the stained glass windows did not photograph very well

and with the mother and toddler group we were a bit limited in our movement round the church. But there is more about the church here.

Outside I stopped to take a picture of

The grave of
Mrs Reginald Hargreaves
The Alice in Lewis Carroll’s
Alice in Wonderland


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