CAL 7-9 Oh! orange at last

Square No. 7

I decided it was about time I introduced some orange so I made the middle like a little orange flower.

I wasn’t sure that I liked having the granny part off centre but it was relatively easy to do.

Only issue was that I started the square very carefully almost nervously and then said to myself ‘Jane! What are you worrying about? You know how to make granny squares.’ I then relaxed but when I had finished row two, I realised that the first corner was smaller than the others, so I had to undo it and redo the row. Presumably this was because I was being too careful and making the stitches too firm. However everything was fine after this. I presume the square will get more ‘square’ when fitted between others.

Square No. 8

Again it was row two that I had an issue with. I didn’t seem able at first to get my head round what was required and had to redo it several times before it ‘clicked’.

If you want to think ‘flowers’ maybe it should be Hydrangeas.

Square No. 9

The edge insists on waving unless I pin it down.

Here the flowers that inspired the colours (as far as my palette allowed) were the Passion flowers in my garden.

6 thoughts on “CAL 7-9 Oh! orange at last

    1. Well I was ahead and these squares were actually done last week. But I’ve only done one of next weeks squares and am not looking forward to the chequerboard one and keep putting it off, so I look like falling behind too at this rate. 🙂


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