CAL 4-6 Bringing on the blues!

I have decided to photograph all my squares against a piece of card with a six inch square drawn on it to keep check of the relative sizes.

It would appear that the squares are if anything getting smaller.

Whether that is my fault or down to the patterns, I am not sure. When edged and joined together they will probably all stretch to fit.

Now a closer look

Square No. 4

This square I have called Canterbury Bells. I am not sure I can find flower attributions for all the squares but I am enjoying it where I can.

Square No.5

I have not given this square a title but it was a very pleasant square to work and made me think that the pattern could be used for a blanket as a stylish variant to the Granny Ripple.

Square No. 6

This square was already called Textured Bluebells so I made it in the deeper of my two blues.

18 thoughts on “CAL 4-6 Bringing on the blues!

  1. I haven’t joined Rachel’s CAL, as I really am strapped for time at the mo, but I’m keeping my eyes open for squares and patterns I particularly like as inspiration for my next blanket – currently I’m loving the bobble, I’ve used it before in a cute purse design so I know I love (and can do!) the stitch – I thought a cream background with multi coloured bobbles could be effective …


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