CAL 1-3 Well, I am really surprised!

After making my demo squares last week I started agonising about why the first square came out so much bigger than the second and what to do about it, especially as other people seemed to also have problems with square no. 1.

It would have to be the first square, wouldn’t it?

In the midst of what has turned out to be an incredibly busy week with all sorts of extra things bunching together my brain has been busy trying to solve this problem, even to considering whether I should alter the number of rows to make the square turn out correctly.

But yesterday afternoon, with the weather being so pleasant, I decided to forget about housework (even though I didn’t do any last week either 😳 ) and sit in the sun and relax with my crochet squares. I finished the second one and went on to the first: working slowly, counting the stitches as I made them and frequently stopping to measure the size. But strangely I followed the pattern exactly and it turned out near enough the correct size. I could hardly believe it.

I then moved on to square number three as other people seem to be steaming ahead with their squares. I was more relaxed about making this one as I am more used to working in rounds and it too turned out about the right size.

And lest this all sounds too perfect there was making mistakes and undoing stitches and even whole rows along the way. And I am leaving the ends till I have more time!

Square No. 1

I chose the colours for this on the basis that they were the ones that would most closely mirror the relative values of the one in the book. But I also thought of the Virginia Stocks I planted as a child.

Square No. 2

I chose the colour for this because to me the texture reminded me of the daintiness of lavender flowers. The yarn colour is ‘wisterior’ but to me that seemed closer to the colour I associate with lavender.

Square No. 3

The colours for this are based in part on the ones in the book but I also thought ‘Lupins’ or if you prefer 🙂 ‘Neopolitan icecream’ of the vanilla, strawberry and pistachio variety.


9 thoughts on “CAL 1-3 Well, I am really surprised!

  1. My sister and mother both crochet, and they too have said that things tend to get wider as you go along if you aren’t careful. I never could get the hang of it (maybe I’ll try again soon–I love creating things!), so I can’t speculate on why it happens. I’m glad your squares cooperated eventually!


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