And the winner is!

As promised, I sat down today wrote all the entries for my giveaway on little pieces of card.
[I had some offcuts of card and I thought this might be better that paper]

Decided to put them in an old Waterstone’s bag as that is totally opaque

Shook them up

And drew out …………………………………


who had said:

“Thanks for the giveaway….the colours of your projects are absolutely vibrant. I have just spent the morning going through your archive and truly enjoyed everything that I had read and seen…..very inspiring …I love to crochet and find that your crochet pieces are awesome.

Usha ”

So congratulations Usha if you send me your postal address I will send you your prize wrapped in some of the above sheets of tissue paper.

Commiserations to everyone else who entered.

The one thing I don’t like about competitions is that only one person can be the winner! 😕

8 thoughts on “And the winner is!

  1. Yippee…I have won!! Thanks for the giveaway.

    Here is my addie

    Usha Ranee Murugesu-Sekaran
    10, Jalan Limau Manis
    41050 Klang
    Selangor Darul Ehsan


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