Socks and some squares

As you can see I have finally finished my socks. I cast off the first one a little tightly but they both fit and are lovely and soft.

I especially like the way if I choose to turn them down the top of the turnover is the same colour as the toe on each sock.

As my granddaughter has been here, I haven’t been doing much crochet but I did decide it would be a good time to make a couple of sample squares for Rachell’s CAL to check my tension. So I made the first two squares in some yarn I have that I am letting myself use for samples.

Both of these squares have been made in DK yarn with a 4mm hook. The first one came out 6.5 inches square but in spite of this I decided to make the second square with the same hook and it came out the expected 6 inches square.

I then decided to crochet another one of the squares that are worked diagonally (as the basic pattern is the same – just a different arrangement of colours), this time with a 3.5mm hook.

As you can see it came out smaller but still a little larger that the beige square.

I don’t especially like the fact that the middle square (in the picture above) is even firmer in feel than the one on the right that is itself firmer than the beige one.

So I can’t decide with the CAL whether to

  • Use the smaller hook (or an even smaller one),
  • Cheat and crochet less rows,
  • Make it but not use the diagonal ones (there are only three in the whole book I think) in any final blanket.

14 thoughts on “Socks and some squares

    1. Did you count the stitches? After the first half of the first one which turned out miraculously correct, I had to count the stitches at the end of every row to check I had the right number becaue it started going wrong. I even undid a few rows. I don’t really like those squares.


  1. My first square also turned out significantly larger than the second one (same wool, same hook). I also don’t like crocheting on the slant like that, so might ditch those ones along the way. But it’s good to try something different.


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