I was surprised that I haven’t had more people interested in my 50 follower giveaway.

Not sure if the reason is

  • Having it in August (not something I could determine really).
  • The things I have chosen to give away.
  • Asking people to give some feedback on the blog.
  • Other reason I haven’t thought of.

Anyway, if you are a more recent follower or if you have been away or haven’t got round to it.

The post for the Giveaway is HERE.

The five things for the giveaway are as in the picture above or the thumbnails below.

I am holding it open till the end of August and won’t actually be choosing the person till 3rd September.

8 thoughts on “Giveaway

  1. Well, I am surprised, too. In fact, I am gobsmacked. I would LOVE to win your giveaway and entered IMMEDIATELY. I DREAM of those snowflakes (because I couldn’t do them myself) and the granny circle has my name all over it. People still have over a week to enter, so the response will pick up. 🙂


    1. Yes well you are one of those who entered already but I think I only had about five responses originally and other people doing giveaways at a similar point seem to have lots of responses so I felt I must have been doing something wrong!


  2. I think it’s maybe down to the time of year? A lot of us are finding it hard to keep up with all our interests when the rest of the family seems so demanding at this time of year lol then there is the garden which needs any spare dry weather time! Maybe others running giveaways at this time of the year have a bigger percentage of followers without these issues? I think you have chosen lovely things for your giveaway, I especially like the mandala & snowflakes 😉 Hope you have a lovely weekend, Helen


  3. This made me panic a little bit in case I’d forgotten to comment on your original post! I even had to go and check 🙂 From my point of view I’m quite happy that more people haven’t commented – it gives me a better chance of winning! But I’m going to reblog your post which may generate a little more interest (although it’s been so long since I’ve posted I may have no followers left!!)


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