Yay! I’ve finished a sock for me!

Here is the first of the socks I am making for myself. I could maybe have cast off even more loosely but it fits and is so lovely and soft. And of course I also love the muted rainbow colours.

I can wear it straight or turned over

I have started on the second one and with luck it might be finished by the end of the month if I don’t get distracted.

And here is an update on my flower cloth.

I have done a bit more of it and now it looks like this.

Not halfway yet but it contains every sort of flower except the twelve petalled darker pink ones.

And as a future endeavour

I am joining Rachell’s CAL  and have ordered the book. The picture of the book is showing in the ‘Posts I Like’ on the right.

7 thoughts on “Yay! I’ve finished a sock for me!

    1. It’s Crystal Palace Mini Mochi colour ‘Baby Face’. Not a cheap yarn but then it is 80% superwash merino wool/20% nylon. I have some more in their colour ‘Intense Rainbow’ which I will use to make some more socks at some point in the future.


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