Maybe I should just stick to knitting!

Two or three days ago I decided to make a start on my fourth item for the giveaway.

One of the things ‘I am crazy about’ that I haven’t yet shared with you in any of my posts is snowflakes.

For some time now I have wanted to try and crochet some snowflakes, so I had put together some patterns I had found and now I settled down to crochet them.

But it was a bit of an ordeal!

When working in the round I am used to patterns that ask you to start with a four chain circle and ones that use the magic loop method but here I found another method: the ch4 and then work all the following stitches into the first chain. I could just about manage this but I didn’t enjoy it.

And then the picots 😦

I have tried to do a picot edging before, not really understood the instructions, made an awful mess of it and given up.

This time I understood the instructions [ch 2, sl st in 2nd ch from hook] but they sometimes came out okay and sometimes looked all loopy.

And that wasn’t all because there were other bits in some of the patterns that they had either got wrong or I just wasn’t understanding in the correct way.

So my confidence in my ability in the field of crochet is at an all time low.

Maybe I should have tried the other patterns but rather than give up I decided to

  1.  Take another look at photographs of real snowflakes.
  2. Work up my own ‘easy’ patterns.

All the snowflake photographs come from

Some snowflakes are so simple they don’t look how we expect.

This is more of a classic snowflake.

I realised that ‘real’ snowflakes aren’t always perfectly symmetrical. So if my final ones aren’t either then I’m in good company. 😀 Look at the protrusions from the arms.

I also realised that it would be tricky and probably not desirable to crochet exactly the same shape as a real snowflake as many have long separate spikey arms. So something that suggested ‘snowflake’ should be sufficient.

I also found a picture of a twelve pointed one but I am not going to try and crochet one of these.

And in the end this is what I produced for the giveaway.

Which I suppose are closest to these snowflakes.

I will attach them to a long chain like bunting but they will be just sewn in so they can be removed and used differently. And although a couple of them are similar I have made them all different, like real snowflakes!

I will probably post the patterns in the menu above at some time but I think I will need to take some photos of certain points before I do this.

I have also worked up the toe of the first of my socks so the stitches are on the circular needles and I can do a row or two anytime I feel like it.

And have almost finished the granny circle.

10 thoughts on “Maybe I should just stick to knitting!

  1. The snow flakes are beautiful! I LOVE the granny circle and the socks…. please, where do you get the idea for a sock with circular needle? I want to try that since I always mess up with the dpns! Can you share?


    1. The idea for socks with circular needles came ‘out of my head’ ultimately. More fully: I knew I would mess up if I used four needles so having used circular needles I knew there was a method for doing small circular knitting with a long circular needle – the magic loop method – (not the same as the crochet ‘magic loop’). I practised with this and it was okay but I still got the ‘ladders’ you get with dpns but then discovered you could buy 20cm circular needles, bought one from found I could knit comfortably with them and have never looked back. I did meet someone who didn’t like them. Said it was like knitting with cocktail sticks. But I love them.


        1. You can use circular needles instead of dpns on any pattern. I use this not quite a pattern pattern that you can find here – – The socks I have just started will be just stocking stitch and rib. I like Wendy Johnson’s pattern because it means no picking up stitches and no seams. I found picking up the double wraps on fine yarn was a little tricky at first but I am not a brilliant knitter any more than a crocheter. I have no projects on Ravelry. I am putting all my patterns on the blog in the top menu.


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