Socks finished! and Looking forward

Isn’t it wonderful to have so many sunny days? (UK viewers). I feel quite re-energised but also hot!

Well I have finally finished the white socks. Though the person I am making them for is now away for a month so he won’t get them till he comes back. I won’t say they are perfect. Now I look at them, I think I started decreasing at a slightly different point on each sock but hopefully this should be hidden under the turnovers.

So now I can get back to my flower cloth except that there are a couple of other things I want to do as well.

*     *     *     *     *

I want to start on the socks for myself which will be much easier because they will be all stocking stitch or rib with no increases or decreases.

So I did knit a sample to check my tension as a first step in that direction.

But I also have some planning and making to do. And I do enjoy planning!

*     *     *     *     *

Having entered a couple of giveaways, I think they are rather fun and want to do my own some time.

When I reached 40 followers, I thought that reaching 50 followers might be a good time (that is if I ever do!) but of course I have to have something to give away. However if I don’t reach 50 in the next few months I will think up some other excuse.

I thought for my first giveaway these ought to be things I had made myself – fun but small enough and light enough not to cost the earth if I have to post them abroad.

Since I was thinking 50 followers I decided that I would aim at five things.


Well I have finished one of them which is a Pocket Pig with a rainbow saddle.

Yes and I found just one mistake in my pattern which is that in making the ears I say to chain 5 then work two stitches staring at the 2nd chain from the hook. Of course it should be the 3rd – or you have one chain left over!! and it doesn’t look right! So I have corrected that.


I am also working on a granny circle table centre. The first thing I am making with my new yarns that will use all my spectrum colours plus the two extra greens I bought.

I have got this far.

It seems to be working up slightly smaller than the one I made originally so either

  • The yarn is a different thickness – unlikely
  • I am crocheting tighter these days – possible
  • I was wrong when I said that I made the original with a 4.5mm hook – quite probable.

Anyway it still looks good, maybe even more even than the other one.


I am also making a rainbow bobble-hat egg cosy.

though I have yet to make the bobble.

I have not made many in the past so if I can’t get it right I will have to top it with something else.

4 & 5.

I have one other thing that is crafty but not made with yarn that I think I might include and a final idea that I just came up with today though it will involve using other peoples patterns.

It’s something I wanted to get into anyway so if people have ideas of anything else they think I should include as well as the pig, table centre and egg cosy do say and I may use them instead of my last two ideas. No blankets though!

*     *     *     *     *

And this afternoon I went out to buy a new plastic box because making the granny circle I realised that I needed one that was big enough for all my new yarn in one layer. (The yarn for the blanket is in a separate bag awaiting my decision to start it.)

5 thoughts on “Socks finished! and Looking forward

  1. You are so flippin’ organised !!! That granny circle is SENSATIONAL. I think it may have my name on it…. 🙂 (Is it easy to do?- I can do granny squares and granny rectangles but haven’t tried a circle yet.


  2. It’s no harder than a granny square but you have to increase on some rows. There is a pattern in the top menu. Go to ‘My Patterns’ then ‘Crochet’ and you will see it listed. There is a chart too so you can see how I work it. Then all you have to do is chose your colours and go on till it’s the right size.


  3. I love the granny circle too 🙂 And the little piggy! I’ll be keeping an eager eye out for when you announce your giveaway – and I can’t wait to see what else you come up with!


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