An Extravagence of Yarn

Well that’s the way it seems to me, having been relatively poor most of my adult life and my money values probably being stuck in the 1970s but there is method in my madness 😀

A couple of weeks ago I bought all these from a shop called Purlessence  in a village called Blackfield.

They have an amazing array of yarns but I went there because I knew they stocked Stylecraft Special DK acrylic yarn and I wasn’t disappointed as they obviously try and stock most of the colours.  This doesn’t mean of course that they had all of them available at the time and I was looking to buy two balls out of the same dyelot for most of them so I just came back with these. Which was also about as much as I could carry.

I then bought all these online from

Unfortunately, I had made a mistake and didn’t have two balls of the ‘sunshine’ colour (and I do so like this colour), so I had to order them separately and these I bought from Masons  because although the yarn cost more the postage was cheaper which made quite a difference. They were delivered today.

(I had phoned Purlessence but the lady I spoke to said that the colour wasn’t in the Special DK range so I am not sure what happened there, as everyone online seems to have it)

So what do I want all the yarn for, you may ask!

Well I am planning another blanket (more of a winter bedcover) for when I have finished my flower cloth and it is going to involve a whole extended rainbow of colours based on the basic spectrum plus a grey and outer blue.  I think it will probably use up all the yarn you see here.

The colours I am using are:-
Bluebell, Silver, Claret, Lipstick, Matador, Shrimp, Jaffa, Sunshine, Citron, Spring Green, Bright Green, Aspen, Cloud Blue, Turquoise, Aster, Royal, Emperor. Then Silver and Bluebell again.

But I also would like to have all these colours (except the grey and blue) available for smaller projects –  plus some extra shades like two more greens and white (and this saffron that I bought in error for the sunshine!).

So it seemed sensible to buy both lots together from the same dyelot, where relevant, so if the blanket overruns it’s allocation I will be able to fill in with yarn that matches.

I am really excited about this blanket as I devised the pattern myself to give me just what I wanted. And it worked!  But I am being firm with myself and insisting that I finish things in order.

But when I am ready to start the blanket, I will share the pattern with you.

6 thoughts on “An Extravagence of Yarn

  1. Wonderful! I love Stylecraft and wish it was sold in shops here in the USA. But it’s worth the wait to order it online and have it take 10 business days to get to me…. even though I’m quite impatient like a child on Christmas morning!


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