Two beautiful but very different churches

I don’t know if anyone is likely to be interested but on Sunday I went with a group from my parish on a ‘pilgrimage’ to two very different but beautiful churches in Basingstoke.

The first is the older and smaller one that is no longer used on a Sunday it is dedicated to the

Holy Ghost

I took these pictures.

All round the walls and celing the images are all interrelated in terms of the Jesse Tree and the Vine.

This is the picture of Jesse holding a root on the side wall of the sanctuary.

And this is another one of Abraham and Issac

The theme is continued on the roof.

The roof of the nave

and the ceiling of the sanctuary.

I thought the tabernacle showing the traditional picture of the pelican feeding her young was particularly beautiful.

Round the wall of the sanctuary there are also pictures representing symbols of the Passion.

and in the main body of the church a picture of Pentecost

as well as Stations of the Cross.

This one anachronistically includes St Thérèse of Lisieux

There was also a lot of stained glass windows.

We then went on to the very modern church that was built to replace this one when it became too small.

St Bede’s

Here I photographed the main items of interest in what is a very plain but striking building.

When you enter, you find the baptismal pool.

and straight ahead on the back wall a niche with a very modern taberbacle based on the idea of the burning bush.

There is the main altar on the same side in the centre.

And on the back wall a niche for a very modern statue of Our Lady.

Outside they have a spacious courtyard with a fountain and silver birch trees.

We ended our visit by being treated to a sumptious array of tea/coffee and cakes and sausage rolls provided by the parish.

Our parish priest was in this parish previously and oversaw the building of the new church. He came with us and explained all the symbolism and I am sure is the reason that we were treated to the very unexpected spread at the end.


6 thoughts on “Two beautiful but very different churches

  1. Very good presentation. In Finnish churches, Abraham and Isaac are very seldom presented. Until now after photographing about 410 churches around my country, I have never seen them.


    1. Well of course the genealogies in St Matthew’s and St Luke’s gospel both include Abraham and Isaac. And the Jesse tree (which sometimes just starts with Jesse the father of King David) is all about the ancestors of Jesus.


  2. Unfortunately there is a great sadness with St Bede’s.
    The tabernacle is in a corner about 1 foot off the floor. Some members of the congregation sit with their backs to the Blessed Sacrament during Mass. How sad


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