What did I do this afternoon?

Well! I continued knitting the white socks.

I worked up a bit of a guesstimate chart for something I want to crochet where I can’t find a pattern.

And then I went out in the not quite pouring rain to see the Olympic torch arrive in Southampton.

I had decided to go to Bugle Street in the old part of the town. Since my new camera is quite small I managed to hold my umbrella in one hand and the camera in the other and take some photographs in spite of the rain. I felt that it was more a point and shoot photo session than a series of considered pictures but I was pleased to find that I had enough worthwhile pictures to put together this post.

When I arrived people had begun to gather.

Most were standing on the pavement but some people had not had to leave home!

After a while the excitement mounted as the advance guard came up the street.

There were police motorcyclists and cars,

(I didn’t know the police are on Twitter!)

The official olympic torch relay cars,

Various sorts of advertising, of course!

By now everyone was getting very excited and my ears were assailed by a terrific cacophany from children with their ‘only £1’ whistles.

The police were there trying to get people to leave enough of the road clear for the vehicles to get by.

And then at last it came past….

The Olympic Torch

On down the Street it went.

Until it was almost out of sight.


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