WIP, a Problem and a question

I have finished the first of the white socks. I don’t know whether it is adequate to the purpose and I have discovered that these long white socks with turnovers are available on the web. You just have to search for ‘kilt hose’ instead of ‘knee length socks’ or indeed any sort of ‘socks’.

I discussed it with the person for whom I am making the socks and he did say it would be nice for all of the band to have the same socks. So I don’t know. Anyway I have shown him the sock to see if it even fits properly.

And I have got this far with the flower cloth that plays second fiddle to the socks. Which is about a quarter of the way through the central part.

Now the problem and question

It always seems amazing and wonderful when one is nominated for one of the blogger awards and I have recently been awarded the Versatile Blogger award for what is the fourth time and also the One Lovely Blog award for the first time and I must start to look for people to pass it on to but this gives rise to the problem and question which is:-

“How many blogs can one conveniently follow at once?”

Whenever I find a blog that seems worth recommending to others it is also a blog that I would be happy to follow. I am following all the fifteen blogs I found with the recommendations I fudged a bit for the first two nominations and was beginning to actively follow some of the ones I recommended last time around when I got the last two award nominations and suddenly found myself wondering when I would reach overload on blogs! and whether I would have to start to be super picky.

So I was hoping that some of you nice people out there could tell be how many blogs you manage to follow on a regular basis.

I would be ever so grateful for a little feedback here as I don’t want to follow too many and then have to start un-following blogs.

Two final things

There may have been a BIG notice up about not taking photos of the knitted and sewn ‘High Tea’ when I went to Mottisfont Abbey (mentioned in my last post) but for any one who is interested there are some photos HERE.  Maybe this was before they put up the notice.

And I had my first opportunity to try my Mint Jelly today. [see https://rainbowjunkiecorner.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/and-now-for-so…tely-different/ ] It was a little firmer than I had expected but otherwise was very good. (Actually when it was cooling, at one point I was afraid it wouldn’t set at all!)

6 thoughts on “WIP, a Problem and a question

  1. I follow about 20 or so blogs … some of them are updated several times every day, others only every month or so. I don’t always read every post, though. I was getting a lot of emails about a couple of blogs so I changed my settings to get one email a week, then I skim that and just read the posts I’m interested in. It is a tricky one, though.


  2. I follow quite a few blogs at the moment. My wordpress blogs that I follow I have set to NOT send me e-mails. All those e-mails just clog up the inbox. I just go to the reader on my site and skim through the new posts. I don’t read EVERY post, but since it just shows a bit of a post I can get a sense of if I would like to read more. That way I can follow a lot of blogs, but I really only have a few that I give a lot of attention to. Yours is one I enjoy!!

    Lovely blanket and sock!


  3. Thank you ever so much to those who responded to my question. I am very grateful because I think it shows that I was right to start being careful about following too many blogs and also that I am not morally obliged to read every word of every post of those blogs that I do follow. I have discovered RSS feeds too and the WordPress ‘Reader’. Also ‘Notifications where I discovered replies to comments I had made where I hadn’t gone back to check. So I feel I am getting myself organised. 🙂


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