Dragons – knitted and otherwise

My latest knitted toy present for my granddaughter is this Welsh dragon that I made from a pattern by Debi Birkin.

Her dragon is so adorable but I knew that with our Welsh ancestry my granddaughter would want a ‘Welsh’ dragon.

The pattern was only £2.50 and you can get it HERE.  The dragon is so cute isn’t he /she? The pattern is for a green ‘Daisy Dragon’ but as you can see I have created a red dragon and replaced the daisies with a leek and a daffodil, the two botanical symbols of Wales.

I have always loved dragons and I have a few in my life.

There are six dragons on a brass bowl that is probably older than I am since it came from Singapore, where I was born, and I left when I was 10 weeks old, so it must have been bought before then.

This is a picture of one side and you can see there is a dragon in relief and also if you look closely an inscribed dragon below. This is repeated on the other side and then there are two other dragons on a sort of seal on underside of the base.

And here is another dragon on a red lacquer dish that I bought for myself: another Chinese dragon, pictured with the phoenix, symbols of good fortune in China.

And a baby Welsh dragon breaking out of the egg that I found in a garden shop. He lives on the simulation hearth in my modern house as in the end I was unwilling to subject him to the British weather.

All these dragons live in my sitting room.

I also have a Welsh dragon on a plaque hanging outside the front door in the porch..

And of course there is the dragon from my favourite T-shirt

But I’ll just leave you with a few more photos of the knitted dragon I started with:-

seen from the left
and the right

a leek – pattern HERE

a daffodil – pattern HERE

and a last look from behind.


10 thoughts on “Dragons – knitted and otherwise

  1. Fantastic! I share your love of dragons eastern and western, although I too have to admit that Welsh are obviously the best dragons.

    Miles cooler than the dragons they sell at my local souvenir shop!


  2. That dragon is adorable! My younger sister knits a lot, and her newest projects are out of a book called “Knit Your Own Cat” (She’s a cat person, too!). I’ll have to see if I can find a dragon pattern for her. Your dragon collection is fun, especially the little hatching one, but the knitted one is cutest. Very nice! 🙂


    1. I too am a cat person as well. I have a few wooden cats and one my younger daughter made for me out of fur fabric. I have never knitted a cat, though I do have a pattern for an arumigami cat that you might see me making soon.


  3. OMG, I have to send this pattern link to my sisters mother-in-law, she’s welsh and loves knitting – i’m sure she would agree that this would be the perfect presie for my niece!!


  4. Hello, congratulations for your blog which is very well made.
    I am French and I live in France.
    I write you because I shall like buying the same dragon as the one that you have in your collection.
    It is the one who(which) goes out of some egg and whom(which) we put in a garden. I looked in the stores of garden in France but there is not any more. Where may I find one? Are you willing to sell me your? Thank you. Didier


    1. I bought the dragon a few years ago at the local garden centre. I don’t know if you can still buy them: probably not. I love my baby dragon very much so I am afraid that I am not prepared to sell him. If I see anything similar in the next few weeks I will let you know but I expect they don’t make them anymore.


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