Toys for my granddaughter

As I have posted before I have been knitting something special for my granddaughters birthday but before I do a post at the weekend revealing what it is, I would like to share with you all the things I have made her previously because she already has a little family that I have made for her bit by bit.

First it was a reversible Cinderella doll.

I found the pattern for this in the Jean Greenhowe ‘s “Christmas Special” book which has the patterns for the knitted crib I made.

And yes the photos are the right way round. My granddaughter (as well as her mother) is left-handed, so I made Cinderella left-handed too!

Louisa loved her so much that I offered to make her another doll and showed her another Jean Greenhowe book I had of “Mascot Dolls”. She chose the ballerina who once she was made and given became Cinderella’s daughter.

Well I now felt that she needed the daddy prince to complete the family. I couldn’t find a pattern for a prince that I liked so I decided to design my own using the other patterns in the book of “Mascot Dolls”.

I started with the Fireman but using my choice of colours and button placement, added Santa’s boots and the Footballer’s hair then added cuffs and collar, cloak, hat and feather of my own devising.

Later, wishing to make another gift for when I was visiting, I made a ‘rainbow baby’ from a free pattern that you can find HERE, again by Jean Greenhowe. I chose to use purple and green as contrast, though the colour doesn’t come out well in this photograph, because purple is Louisa’a favorite colour.

Thus I added a baby to the family.

My daughter sent me the photos of all but the last one. As you can see they have been well played with.

I hope she likes my new offering but it isn’t exactly a doll this time.


9 thoughts on “Toys for my granddaughter

  1. These are just AWEsome! 😀 Every dolly loving little girl would just love these 😉 I know I would have 😀 Looking forward to the new reveal 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your week 🙂


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