My grandson’s Christening

My youngest grandchild was being christened on Sunday but just the previous Thursday afternoon I learned that I would need to host the post christening party in my home. So I rallied round and shopped and cooked.

There wasn’t time to bake a proper party cake with marzipan and icing so I made my favourite double choc muffins and iced them appropriately.

Here is a picture of him being baptised.

and a family group of Alfred with uncle, aunt, mother, father, and brother.

When we got home I laid out the food

This will enlarge

and here is a close up

I didn’t get to take any pictures after that as I was too busy being a good hostess.

But everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we had a great afternoon.

The cake was very popular with everyone trying to work out if there was a cake they could have with their initial. I also packed up a few in kitchen paper for people to take home because they wanted another but didn’t have room!

Just to bring crochet into it – the crochet lace edging on the tablecloth was made by my mother over 50 years ago and it was our ‘Christmas’ tablecloth.

Here is a close up of the lace.

I don’t know how many hours it took to complete but it was a lot!

My mother also made me a ‘Christmas’ cloth with a slightly simpler lace edging.

They are murder to iron but oh so beautiful. I would never have the patience to do the same.

2 thoughts on “My grandson’s Christening

  1. What a joyous occasion, thank you for sharing it with us 😀
    The spread you put on looks delicious and the cake just perfect – who says they have to be dry fruit cake with ‘break your teeth’ icing all the time anyway?! 😉
    And OH that lace work! How gorgeous! Such a lot of patience has gone into them and you are so very lucky to have them in your home 😀
    Have a great week :;


    1. Thanks for your gracious comments and yes a great start to the week and I’ve just finished watching the highlights of the Canadian Grand Prix and Lewis Hamilton won so things just couldn’t be better. 🙂


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