And now for something completely different

I am proceeding with the socks and flower cloth but nothing interesting to show yet so I thought I would share another creative venture.

Mint Jelly

Most years about this time I admire the wonderful greenness of the mint and intend to do something with it but then realise either that it has flowered and gone to seed or in recent years that it’s been eaten up by caterpillars.

But this year I decided to make some mint jelly.

I assembled my ingredients:

a recipe I collected long ago off a gelatine sachet.

some mint



and some gelatine

I chopped the mint, put all except the gelatine in a saucepan and boiled it up.

While it was boiling I decided to wraps some presents.

My youngest grandchild s being baptised this coming Sunday so I have bought him a christening present.

Pewter money box

and as I will also see my granddaughter and her parents on Sunday, I wrapped up the special present I have been making for her birthday as well, as I can give it them on Sunday and avoid having to post it.

Now the mint jelly is in the jars and cooling.

I didn’t remove the mint as I am sure that will make it tastier and I didn’t add colour as I don’t like the violent green (or the excessive sweetness) of the shop variety.

All I need now is some nice roast lamb to eat it with.

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